QREPro_Desktop Intro

KB_SQL comes standard with two easy to use terminal applications to write, edit and store report queries and generate customized reports.

Using the SQL Editor, your organization can use this freeform editor to perform routine information requests in minutes rather than hours. Custom views of the application database can be generated for groups of users, reports can be batched and run in groups and queries can be scheduled to run at a later date and time for regular systematic reports.
Using the EZQ Editor, your organization can use pre established menus and lists to create common queries and generate reports without having to know SQL language or syntax.

Key Benefits of QREPro_Desktop


File Image Inspector

File Image Inspector was created to provide an easy way to get data to a personal computer or network drive. It offers the capability to create fixed length and delimited files for use in other applications, such as Microsoft Excel.

Query Inspector

The Queue Inspector allows the user to view the status of queries that have been scheduled to run at a later date and/or time. The Queue Inspector also allows the user to cancel the execution of the query if necessary.

Data Browse and Query References

Browse data in any schema, table or view without having to generate a report. Search and review all queries that reference a particular function, method or other KB_SQL object.

Query Management

QREPro_Desktop allows you many ways to manage and control your queries. Create multiple lists of queries, acquire complete lists of query functions, perform functions on multiple queries, and filter queries and file images to display only the ones you need.


Functions and Stored Procedures

Evaluate how functions or stored procedures will affect your data without permanently changing the database.

QREPro_Desktop Output Options

  • View on your monitor screen.
  • Export to MS Word.
  • Print to Windows Printer.
  • Print to Host Devices, such as
    regular printers, label printers,
    tape devices, etc.
  • Output to an external file format,
    such as a plain or delimited
    text file.

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