Healthcare Data Access and Reporting Solutions

Healthcare Data Access and Reporting Solutions


KB_SQL comes standard with two easy to use terminal applications to write, edit and store report queries and generate customized reports.

Using the SQL Editor, your organization can use this freeform editor to perform routine information requests in minutes rather than hours. Custom views of the application database can be generated for groups of users, reports can be batched and run in groups and queries can be scheduled to run at a later date and time for regular systematic reports.
Using the EZQ Editor, your organization can use pre established menus and lists to create common queries and generate reports without having to know SQL language or syntax.

Key Benefits of KB_SQL


High Performance

KB_SQL uses the same data structures as your applications, calculating the most efficient access paths to your data. You can reuse your existing data structures and code without copying.



KB_SQL grants your users specific privileges to the data they need without compromising overall data security, assisting you in maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Flexible Reporting Options

KB_SQL provides reporting options through terminal applications, QREPro, Microsoft applications and Java Applications. This allows you to select the appropriate tool for your reporting solution.

Making Data Meaningful

KB_SQL assists data administrators, system managers and end users by making your data easily accessible though efficient use of system resources, ultimately satisfying the specific needs of your users and organization.

Industry Standard Technologies

  • Strutured Query Language (SQL)
  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
  • TCP/IP Networking
  • HTML
  • XML

Available for all MUMPS Databases

  • IRIS, Cache, DSM, MSM from Intersystems Corp
  • MSE, HBOM from McKesson Corp
  • GTM from Sanchez Computer Assoc.
  • M21 from M21, Ltd
Looking for query inspection and management? Our QREPro product might be for you.

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