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With decades of experience successfully executing data access and reporting in the enterprise, Knowledge Based Systems is blazing the trail in healthcare data management. KBS is a proven, dynamic innovator in data access and retrieval.  Since its founding in 1988 KBS has maintained a singular focus: solving the data access challenges in healthcare. Our flagship product, KB_SQL, is the de facto standard for data access and reporting for M (MUMPS) databases worldwide.

KBS, A Mediquant Company

MediQuant – a leader in healthcare data management.

MediQuant has successfully navigated more complex, multi-system archives than anyone else in the industry, giving our team vast experience and time-tested tools at their fingertips. We have more than 20 years of experience working with health systems on data archiving, data migration, and data conversion projects. Our proven tech stack, streamlined planning process, and matchless acumen allow us to address the full strategic arc of your future retirements and archiving plan.

When your enterprise demands the best in healthcare data management, MediQuant is the clear choice.

A Proven Track Record since 1988

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KBS is a proven, dynamic innovator in data access and reporting.

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Our market-leading products are based on standard technologies to maximize interoperability and performance.


Manage, store and retrieve common queries, explore and use data dictionary resources.

Knowledge Based Systems success comes from the superior KB_SQL product offering for VARs as well as a diverse set of enterprise clients. We create products that empower our clients to efficiently access and retrieve valuable data, enabling them to make critical business decisions.

Knowledge Based Systems
A MediQuant Company

MediQuant is a proven strategic partner in healthcare data management that drives smart decision-making, clinical excellence and strong financial performance.

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