Our solution providers combine the KBS KB_SQL product together with a data dictionary describing the data stored by their applications.  Together, we provide data access and reporting solutions to support SQL/ODBC access to the data.

We currently work with our clients in one of the following ways.

Enterprise Clients.  If you manage your own information technology department and have intimate knowledge of the data structures used by your applications, you can license KB_SQL directly from Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.  Upon receipt of a software license key, you would download the software components from our on-line knowledge base and start building your data dictionary and writing reports.

Value Added Reseller.  If you create software solutions to be licensed to other organizations, you can license KB_SQL for your clients.

Our Value Added Reseller (VAR) agreement provides the following benefits:

  • Unlimited user internal license for development of KB_SQL components

  • Technical support for creation and packaging of reporting solutions

  • Discounts on run-time licenses for customers to further reduce your costs.

Some clients refer to this arrangement as a Original Equipment Manufacture or OEM arrangement.  By either label, this arrangement allows you to control the data dictionary and the SQL/ODBC environment configuration to ensure consistency across your client base.

Knowledge Based Systems has established partnerships with many of the premier healthcare application software providers in the industry.

Contact us for more information.

Distributor.  If you feel that you have contacts within possible Enterprise or VAR clients, you can establish licensing and support arrangements directly.  This arrangement assumes no specific knowledge of the client application.  It works best if the Distributor has a working knowledge of KB_SQL as this allows the Distributor to complement the licensing with value added services.

Contact us at sales@knowledgebasedsys.com so that we can provide more information.


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