QREPro is a Windows-based companion to the terminal-based SQL Editor for KB_SQL. QREPro makes it possible for developers and end-users to access the power of KB_SQL reporting from a Windows environment. Within QREPro, you can manage, store and retrieve common queries, explore and use data dictionary resources to create queries in an intuitive editor, manage file images, report queues, and much more. Because of the graphical user interface, you can test queries, view and examine table data and preview reports before they are printed. You can also search and review all queries that reference a particular function, method or other KB_SQL object.

Query Editor

QREPro’s Query Editor is your main source for developing and editing queries. With color coded scripts, bookmarking and intelligent Auto-Complete capability, creating custom reports will make your job easier.

QREPro Explorer

QREPro Explorer gives you the power to organize and view data dictionary information from your database and use all objects necessary to create complex data queries.

View database schemas, browse data, search across database schemas, drag and drop or copy and paste data objects right into your queries, complete with the proper syntax, evaluate data from stored procedures, and much more.

Report Viewer

Now you can test run your queries and view the results right on your screen. QREPro can display your query results and allow you to make edits and changes on the fly.

Query Manager

QREPro can manage your most commonly used queries in an easy-to-use interface. Create, copy, save, or delete queries and define properties simply and easily. You can also organize your queries by using the My Reports feature and create custom folders to keep track of your queries in a logical manner




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