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KB_SQL 2018 (Version 6.1) is coming! [top]

KB_SQL is a high-performance, full-featured reporting environment for M databases. It is the proven SQL solution for all major versions of M and offers real-time reporting with no data copying required. KB_SQL includes QREPro Desktop (Query and Reporting Environment), a graphical query and report writing interface for Windows.

Out latest release, KB_SQL 2018 (Version 6.1), includes internal corrections and enhancements.

Benefits in KB_SQL 2018 (Version 6.1) include:

  • See the Release Notes document for more details!

Click here for more details regarding KB_SQL 2018 (Version 6.1)

Correction Releases [top]

Some of you have noticed and commented on the change in frequency of KB_SQL Software releases.  We remain committed to a more frequent release schedule of corrections and minor enhancements.  Together with selected solutions providers we have worked to accomplish this change in behavior with the resulting correction releases for the next version.

Our goal going forward is to continue to work and find the right frequency and volume.  This is a tricky balance.  We constantly look at the issues that have been reported and try to assess the impact of making the correction.  We also look at suggestions that have been received from the client base.  These are reviewed and evaluated against the release timeframe.

In each case, we have had to leave some issues behind for the next release.  On the flip side, each of the Connection releases has had some valuable additions as well.  It is a work in progress.  Our hope is that this helps you plan for your testing and integration of these new software releases in your organization.

With the planned release of KB_SQL 2018 (Version 6.1) in Spring 2018, we are ready once again to define the scope of the next release.

We'd appreciate your feedback on this new approach to software release management.  Please contact us with your thoughts and comments.

Update to eService Center [top]

Knowledge Based Systems is pleased to announce the following enhancements to our eService Center:

More searching options!
The KBS eService Center now allows anonymous access to search Answers.

We will continue to make improvements to the online knowledge base in order to better serve our customers. We welcome any suggestions or comments that you may have.

Should you have any questions about these changes or using our online knowledge base, please visit KBS eService Center and ask your question there.

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