Knowledge Based Systems is committed to the simple premise of providing the Value of Choice. Our market-leading products are based on standard technologies to maximize interoperability and performance.

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Value of Choice in Creating True Business Intelligence
KB_SQL maximizes your investment in your MUMPS system by providing multiple access and retrieval capabilities from your existing data.
Value of Choice in Managing Your System
KB_SQL provides you with a series of database administration utilities to manage users, devices, system settings and activity logs.
Value of Choice in Creating Queries and Reports

KB_SQL comes standard with two easy to use terminal applications to write, edit and store report queries and generate customized reports.

Using the SQL Editor, your organization can use this freeform editor to perform routine information requests in minutes rather than hours. Custom views of the application database can be generated for groups of users, reports can be batched and run in groups and queries can be scheduled to run at a later date and time for regular systematic reports.

Using the EZQ Editor, your organization can use pre established menus and lists to create common queries and generate reports without having to know SQL language or syntax.

Value of Choice in Leveraging the Power of the Web
KB_SQL’s JDBC Driver allows Java programs to use KB_SQL as a SQL Data Source. In much the same ways as Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) from Microsoft, JDBC provides database access for Java programs.
Value of Choice Using QREPro

QREPro is a Windows-based companion to the terminal-based SQL Editor. QREPro makes it possible for developers and end-users to access the power of KB_SQL reporting from a Windows environment.

Within QREPro, your organization can manage, store and retrieve common queries, explore and use data dictionary resources to create queries in an intuitive editor, manage file images, report queues, and much more. Plus, because of the graphical user interface, you can test queries, view and examine table data and preview reports before they are printed.

Value of Choice in Maximizing Existing Third Party Applications
KB_SQL gives you the capability of using existing third party reporting tools, such as Crystal Reports and Business Objects to extract data from MUMPS and deliver reports customized to your needs.




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