What's in a Name?
We are often asked about the origins of our company name, Knowledge Based Systems.  While we frequently apologize to new clients trying to type in that seemingly endless stream of characters, there really is a story behind the name.

In the late 1980's, there was a lot of interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Knowledge Bases (KB) and Inference Engines (IE) that supported them.  Perhaps at one point, we thought we might create a product for this emerging technology genre.  Our direction became clear as we found that while artificial intelligence was considered "way cool", what our clients needed was access to their business data stored away in M Technology (MUMPS) databases.  Along about the same time, E.F. Codd and C.J. Date were touting the merits of Structured Query Language (SQL).  It seemed only natural at the time to create a product named KB_SQL, a blend of knowledge base techniques and structured query language.  The combination became a multifunction data access and reporting product solution that continues to serve today in 2003.

Of course, we continue to respond to the aliases of KBASE, KB Systems, KBS, and others as these are just plain comfortable.  The knowledge based aspect has evolved into a new challenge.

Creating a Knowledge Based Organization
In today's business world, it is imperative that organizations nurture and protect their most valuable asset - knowledge.  Becoming a knowledge based company requires attention to the development in some key areas.  These areas range from having a vision for the company, having the courage to teach, and being humble and willing to say "I don't know".  A key attribute is the decentralization of the power over information.

At Knowledge Based Systems, we embrace this challenge.  One of the efforts started in 2001 that is starting to reach new levels of efficiency is our eService Center.  Using software from RightNow Technologies, we are building a knowledge base of information supporting the data access and reporting objectives of our customers.  Over time, we look for this window to become the first place we all look for information about the company, the product, what's new and what's next.

Take a look at KBS eService Center. We are working hard to provide the information resources you need to help manage your information, and ultimately your knowledge base.

Dave Middleton has worked in the information technology industry since 1982. Starting in the mid 1980's with the emergence of the DRG, there seemed to always be a need for one more report.   At work, he is an emerging entrepreneur, passionate advocate of on-line client service, software developer, and doer of many things.  At home, he is husband to Polly, dad to Abby, Matt, and Carly, and "master" to Sunny, the dog.


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Dave Middleton